• TRAVEL: For detailed travellers who plan their own travel itineraries.
  • HOME: For hands on homeowners who like to get into the nitty gritty of house renovation.
  • BABY: For learning parents who want to be involved in bringing up their children.

Most of the articles at JoogoStyle are written by Christina Siew.

Christina Siew

Christina Siew is a SAHM to a playful toddler in their humble abode in Singapore. Her husband is her favourite travel partner and they love exploring the world together. To let their daughter join in the fun, they also whisked her off to Japan when she was only eight months old. Start young, they say. In precious moments of free time, she would sneak off to document her travels, home renovation and motherhood at joogostyle.com. Occasionally, you will also find her reflection pieces that ponder about life and spirituality. For detailed oriented travellers, her travel itineraries would prove useful as you plan. As for hands on homeowners and parents, her journey would resonate with you as you trudge on the steep learning curve.