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Blessed Mother’s Day

I wished I had time to write more, on this website and its sub-domains. I need wisdom on how to carve out time. Also, I need miracles for things people take for granted, like having a baby who can self soothe to sleep and sleep […]

Sleep Training and Movie

13 March 2018. It was our 45th month wedding anniversary. It was also 9 months after our last movie in the cinema, “Wonder Woman”. One week after that movie, our wonder girl was born. Our wonder baby. 13.3.18 is a Tuesday when the movie is […]

Saturday Night Chat

A few days of sleep training and Evangeline began sleeping longer hours through the night. The naps are another story. Stubborn baby in the afternoon, but the cries are gradually getting shorter too. Hubby began imagining the movie nights and the nights I can finally […]

Waterfall: Finding Solace

This short story was for a writing contest in 2017.  Image: She closed her eyes, breathed in the cold air, and listened to the loud symphony. The waters poured on all four sides and violently hit the grounds of the earth. It roared and thundered […]

Post Holiday Blues

I came back rejuvenated to write about my recent trip – the trip to Japan, the trip with an 8 month old baby to a cold country. Had so many posts drafted in my mind. Japan inspired me to put thought and effort in everything […]


I have been blogging since blogspot days, moving my wordpress blog from one URL to another and privatising the older ones because I suddenly want to stop sharing those personal and raw entries. I shifted to Dayre and had a public profile, and an anonymous […]

Iceland – Regard the Moon!

This short story was for a writing contest in 2016.  Many authors have drawn parallels between Iceland and the moon. Here’s mine: Image: From high above, the wrinkled rugged texture of the ground suggested we were landing on another planet—stark and barren like the […]



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